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Its been a while....

semi-overcast 22 °C

Sorry about that.. USA has been rough towards my material belongings making me choose between talking to cool people or spending time uploading photos to here.. obviously i chose the talking because i never shut up.
doesnt help when my phone screen is destroyed,
fitbit was stolen,
sunglasses stolen,
laptop broken,
camera lens broken
and bloody backpack even got ripped on a flight!!

But now i have time so ill try to upload what i can!

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So Seattle is somewhere that I would probably not go again. IMG_2450.jpgDon't get me wrong, I'm glad that we went there and had that experience, but I just don't see myself ever having a reason to go back there again.

The 4th of July was awesome though!!

We went to the park to celebrate in the day for free hot dogs, vege hot dogs were provided for those who don't eat meat!
We got a picture of us, a photo taken, our faces painted, ice-cream, chips, then even pie!!
I stood there, ice-cream in hand when they announced they were one person short for the pie-eating contest.. I already saw the pies when they were putting them out and you could smell the fresh berries and warm pasty....
Okay, so I only ate half before the champion won, and I felt so sick and went into a food coma for 3 hours before Steph woke me up with a phone call and we then headed out for the fireworks.
Best firework show ending I have ever seen! I might even go to say better than new years in Sydney... Or maybe on par with it.. It was just the big ending that really sold me..

Vancouver ended up being a beautiful city! the first day we got there there were bush fires on the mountains which covered the entire city in fire fog which was so strong it evaporated your eyeball juices which made your eyes sting!!

But then it slowly cleared and we saw more of the beautiful city.

Spent a solid 5 hours on a tandem bike.
We managed to get to the gelato place which had been voted best in the world and even won the world gelato competition in florence, Italy. Then after we ate it, we understood why... Vancouver I will definitely be back and I will see you again sometime in the future..

Then we were back to Seattle to fly out.... That was annoying, we were late for our flight because we had to re arrange our bags..
SUPER FUNNY!!! Sams bag wheel is only half a wheel now.. poor guy, but it's funny to watch.. So we had to put more into my bag and put all the fragile stuff into my new carry on bag etc...We got into the customs line at the same time as our flight was boarding, so we asked to get through the line faster because

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The worlds first and most beautiful national park!!


Yellowstone is by far one of the worlds most beautiful spots!!!! It's funny, I read the story on a plaque about how it became the worlds first national park, and to summarise, some guys explored the area for mapping purposes, one their last day of the expedition in 1872 or some year around then, one of them said to the group 'this land shouldn't be privatised because everyone should be allowed to experience this beautiful land' etc etc. Which is cool, cause he could have easily just dibbed a part of the land that he liked for himself instead of being selfless. So thats cool, they took that idea to the government and obviously proved a solid case and the government approved it as a national park, the first in the world which paved the way for thousands of other national parks that have popped up in the world! AWESOME!!!!!

So anywhere, here are some pics, they are fun. They don't represent how beautiful the place really is because I'm not that good at photo taking... But i'll post them in categories..


GRIZZLY BEAR!!!: Sorry to the rangers who had to come and tell us to back away because we were too close to the bear :\

Probably too many photos, but I couldn't decide because blufffalllooo soldddiieerrrrr


Fox: the fox we followed for probably 2miles at 1am watching it hunt and eat a few critters, definitely awesome seeing foxes in their natural environment rather then in the Australian landscape..

Marmot!!! I was so excited to see one of these! We ended up seeing both red-bellied and yellow-bellied! But one of these encounters was very very brief.


We also saw a little black bear family, mama bear and 2 baby bears through the binoculars which was still really really awesome!!
We were real lucky, we saw so many animals but that was probably cause we were up at the crack of dawn and didn't sleep until early hours of the morning..

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The Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City and all the gnats and mosquitos that come with it...


So we flew into Salt Lake City, Utah stayed for a night before heading over to Yellowstone. And we also stayed here on our way back before flying out.
I wish I took photos of the city to post because it was absolutely beautiful with mountains surrounding the whole city. Infact, the whole drive through Utah and Idaho and Montanna was amazing!!!

I videoed a lot of time lapse videos which i can't post but shows how lovely the drive was.
So we stayed in the city the first night we were in SLC, but on our way back we camped on Antelope Island which is a state nature reserve in the middle of the island.. Imagine that Warilla beach wasn't a beach, but rather a big lake.. so using that we basically stayed on a giant winding island.. haha.

The sunset was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. The water was so calm and still that the reflection was perfect.
And no dad, these photos are not photoshopped!! My computer died so I have no way to edit photos at all!! this is just how beautiful it was! And we were just so lucky because we were running late, by 4 hours that we conveniently drove right past this spot and stopped there for the sunset, had we been on time to the schedule that we planned, we wouldn't have been at this particular spot and would have missed the reflection. Funny.

But there was also a crap tonne of mozzies and small flies... if only everyone could have seen Sam and how frustrated he was at the flies in the morning when he was trying to re-pack his bags and they were all trying to get into his suitcase :')
IMG_6761.jpg|IMG_6766.jpg (< ERROR: the link title is too long!)

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sunny 43 °C

We drove in the Mustang from the Grand Canyon to Phoneix over a couple days.
The whole state of Arizona is so freaking beautiful!!

Saw a couple small lizards, loads of Elks but nothing more dangerous than that :(

Set up camp in the most beautiful spot just outside the town of Sedona.

Sunset over Sedona

Took mainly videos but they take too long to post.
And we won't talk about Phoenix.. because that town wasn't the prettiest place.

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